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Soon after taking orders in he obtained a curacy at Diptford, Devon, and on the death of the vicar he was appointed to succeed him. From Diptford he removed in to Dartmouth. He was ejected from his living by the passing of the Act of Uniformity in , but continued to preach and administer the sacraments privately till the Five Mile Act of , when he retired to Slapton, 5 miles away. He then lived for a time in London, but returned to Dartmouth, where he labored till his death in He was married four times. He was a vigorous and voluminous writer, and not without a play of fine fancy.

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Fountain of Life : John Flavel. Theologian John Flavel was a 15th century Puritan living in England. A sermon preached on 1 Corinthians Eleven sermons, plus anappendix, on Revelation February Deuteronomy Divine Conduct or, The Mystery of Providence -popular- 4.

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    The Disappointed Seaman. Luke Proverbs Also known by the modernised title, Keeping the Heart. Revelation Allen, Mr.

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    Roberts, and Dr. A Coronation Sermon Preached at Dartmouth.

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    John Flavel — A puritan, English Presbyterian minister and author. Biography of John Flavel — : John Flavel — , presbyterian divine, eldest son of the Rev. A member of.

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