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SignatureReviewed by Molly Jong-FastMidway though Cabot's latest novel, Chaz the boyfriend of protagonist Lizzie Nichols's best friend tells Lizzie, Someday you're really going to have to describe to me in more detail what life is like on the planet you live on. Because it sounds really great, and I'd like to visit there one day.

Ultimately, this is what is both problematic and enormously appealing about the work of Cabot, the woman who shot to fame selling the idea that fairy tales really do come true. She is the fat, awkward girl in all of us, profoundly Midwestern, from the Spanks modern Spandex girdles she wears to her indignation at subway rudeness to her insistence on paying her wealthy boyfriend rent for living in his mother's Fifth Avenue apartment.

Lizzie is determined not to become like her acquaintance Kathy Pennebaker, the prototypical smalltown girl who fails in Manhattan and returns home to wander the aisles of the local grocery store loading up on cough syrup for a weekend meth-making session. Things quickly become perfect for Lizzie. Luke asks her to move into his mother's apartment.

She finds an amusing though nonpaying job working as a wedding dress restorer with an insane French couple. Lizzie also takes a paying job as a receptionist at Chaz's father's law firm.

There are slight problems in paradise: the wedding store where Lizzie works has fallen on hard times and is involved in a rivalry with another wedding dress restorer. Luckily, Lizzie stumbles on a wedding dress gold mine when she befriends a woman who takes cares of seals at the zoo.

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It turns out that the seal-keeper is about to marry into one of Manhattan's most prominent families; suddenly, the smart crowd is coming to Lizzie's store. But Lizzie's quest to become successful is sidetracked by Shari's relationship problems and Lizzie's conviction that Luke's mother is having an affair and her obsession with the idea that Luke will never marry her. There is something oddly affirming about Cabot's writing. After sitting down with Queen of Babble in the Big City, it is totally clear to me why her books are huge bestsellers.

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Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Lizzie Nichols is back, pounding the New York City pavement and looking for a job, a place to live, and her proper place in the universe not necessarily in that order. Product Details About the Author. About the Author. Hometown: New York, New York. Place of Birth: Bloomington, Indiana. Education: B. Average Review.

Write a Review. CrazyDiva More than 1 year ago Meg Cabot is my favorite author. This is a great book. I highly recommend the whole series. This book ended with such a cliffhanger!

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It's a good thing the third book is already out. I have to get a hold of that soon to see what happens. I read Queen of Babble the 1st book sometime last year. I enjoyed it, as I do most of Meg Cabot's books.

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It was a lot of fun and I loved the character of Lizzie. I also loved Luke. Now, I still think Lizzie is fabulous but I'm not so sure about Luke. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it but I think there's someone better for her. A lot better. Here's hoping for a happy ending. The book is about Lizzie, a recent college grad almost who is living with her boyfriend in a fabulous 5th Ave.

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He's rich, she's not. She struggles to find a job, ultimately finding one she loves where she doesn't get paid. She has to take on an actual paying job to make ends meet. If you remember from the first book, and if you haven't read it please do, she has a talent for refurbishing vintage clothing, specifically wedding dresses. She goes through turmoil with her friends, her work and her love life in this sweet book. Meg Cabot's books are for the most part lots of fun. I've read almost all of her books for adults over the last few years, and I'll get to reviewing them eventually.

I try to alternate between a book that makes me think and a book that I know I'll just enjoy reading. I'm not saying that Meg's books don't make me think, they just make me think about things in a lighter, fluffier sort of way, which is so needed. They are perfect escape books. I am a huge fan of the movies which are so different from the book but I found the book to be not as fun. To be fair I haven't read the rest of the series. In all, I'm a big fan of Meg's. Luke and Lizzie move in together and their relationship quickly turns serious.

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Meanwhile, Chaz and Shari are drifting apart. As her three friends begin school and work, Lizzie struggles to find her niche.

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Lizzie and her friends soon realize their dreams and goals for the big city may not go as planned. Lizzie appeared to be more mature in this book. She still found herself in sticky situations, but overall handled them pretty well. All in all, it was a quick read. I was quite pleased with the events that led up to the ending actually I secretly wished for it all along. Then Luke had to throw a wrench in it.

Why I read this book:Queen of Babble in the Big City has been sitting on my unread bookshelf for almost two years. And, okay, I just really enjoy reading serial books written by Meg Cabot! Do I recommend?

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Yes, but read the series in order. Fans of Meg Cabot will enjoy this trilogy. Lizzie agrees to a temporary arrangement, but insists that she pay some of the expenses. The only problem is, she has no job. Her dream is to have her own vintage clothing shop, specializing in wedding dress refurbishing. She manages to land a part-time job in a high end law firm, but gets in trouble when she becomes friendly with a socialite client.

This is a typical Meg Cabot book Lizzie's romance with Luke is carried forward from the first book in the series, The Queen of Babble. This is a fun, quick read. Lizzie is now in New York City, moving to go after her dream of working in the vintage fashion industry. Sadly, the only job she can get in the field is a non-paying internship in a shop that refurbishes wedding gowns, her dream job. To supplement that income, she works as a lowly receptionist at a prestigious law firm.

On top of that, her seemingly perfect boyfriend, Luke, has asked her to move in and her best friends Shari and Chaz are having relationship issues. Nothing is ever boring in the life of Lizzie Nichols! It's the perfect addition to the series, and Cabot's heroine continues to charm the reader with her bubbly personality and gleaming view of life, even in the big city. While her positive outlook may seem irritating, naive, and over-the-top to some readers, I find it refreshing and sweet.

On the whole the book is fairly predictable, but I didn't read it for surprises and in the entertainment department, it definitely delivers. Cabot's use of humor is stellar and her characters make me laugh out loud. This is the type of book I read to cheer myself up. I finished it in a day and it's not a literary masterpiece, but that's not why this book was written. And it definitely lives up to it's predecessor!

enter For those looking for fun, this is the book for them! This review assumes that you have read the first book, Queen of Babble, and may have spoilers for it if you haven't. The beginning of this book finds Lizzie moving to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a certified wedding dress restorer. Luke is also in New York City pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. The two of them move into Luke's mother's apartment together while she is living in France with Luke's father. Lizzie is still a bumbling but likable heroine that has trouble keeping her mouth shut.

Luke isn't as charming as he was in France, perhaps the honeymoon is coming to an end? This book had a couple of pretty big plot twists that surprised me.